Lord of Demi-Gods and beloved Son of Mother Gauri; Thou art extremely merciful. Thou art the destroyer of miseries and pains. Thou incarnated as Lord Rama in Treta Yuga; In Dwapara Yuga, as Lord Shyama; In Kali Yuga as Lord Sai Ram of Parthipuri. VP's observations are interesting, but I think 'Baraja' with a clearly Sing the name of Shiva, who wears the crescent moon in His hair, and the Ganges flowing from His matted locks, the beloved of Gauri, the same Lord as Lord Sathya Sai. Worship the Lotus eyed Lord Rama who is the very life breath of Seetha. Kindly listen to my prayer and show me the vision of Your auspicious form. He is the very embodiment of auspiciousness. Chant the name of Lord: Rama, Krishna, Narayana, Keshava and Madhava. Worship Lord Sai Gajanana. Recite the mantra "Hari Om, Hari Om, Hari Om, Sai Hari Om". Meaning:   Love is God, God is Love. You are the bestower of auspiciousness and grace. Meaning:   Chant the mantra, "Om Nama Shivaya, Shivaya Nama Om". Be with me in all my births, O Lord Sai. O lotus-eyed, blissful Krishna, our salutations to you. Meaning:   O Mind! Meaning:   Worship Lord Sai Bhagwan. Brave Hanuman, Son of the Wind God. Victory to You! Make your life worthwhile by surrendering at the Lotus Feet of Sai Nath. For us Thou art the only refuge. Sing/chant the name of Krishna, the One with flute. You are Gopala, the one who plays the flute and the one who steals our hearts. Shridi Sai Avathaara; Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, He is the caretaker of all religions; Sai Ram is ours. You are the slayer of demons (evils). Meaning:   Chant the name of Lord: Rama, Krishna, Narayana, Keshava and Madhava. Behold His form, the highest delight of all eyes; Our beloved Sri Sai Krishna is dancing and bringing joy to our minds! Open the wall (doors) to supreme Bliss; whatever name you like, call upon that name, but chant it with Love and Devotion. Hey, slayer of the demon Ravana, You are worshipped by Hanuman (devotee). Kindly listen to my prayer and show me the vision of Your auspicious form. Meaning:   O Deva, who is above all Devas, and removes hurdles (vighna vinashaka)! O Lord Sai Shankar. Chant the auspicious name "Shiva" You are worshipped by all the other aspects of God - Brahma and Vishnu worship You. Meaning:   Worship Lord Sai Ram, Lord of Puttaparthi, Dwaraka and Shirdi. Holder of Trishul, Pure One! This angered his fellow Muslims, who branded him as a disbeliever. Chant Govinda, Gopal. Worship in the mind the feet of the Guru, Bow in reverence to Sai's feet that glow in pure hearts, They cover the world of animate and inanimate, they can carry you across the ocean of life, we bow in reverence to Sai Baba's holy feet. O Lord Sai Naatha ! Meaning:   Hey Rama of the Raghu dynasty, the Universe depends on You; Thou art the uplifter of the Universe; Thy name is the most sacred. He roves around after him without fear of public slander or caste displeasure!'. Worship the auspicious Mother of the Universe, Mother Sai and Amba who has an enchanting face with a charming smile. Sing the glory of the Lord of Mira, who held the mountain (Govardhan). – Svadhyaya or study of holy books – The disastrous effects of evil company etc. Sing the glory of the Lord of Mira, who held the mountain (Govardhan). O Lord Tripurari! Chant the name of Lord Govinda of Gokula and Brindavana. You are the Poornavathaara (Incarnation) residing at Prashanti Nilayam. Victory to Seetha and Ram, and Radha and Krishna. Glory to the One who has a cobra around His neck. Hazari Prasad Dwivedi claims in his book Raskhan was born Syed Ibrahim, and that Khan was his title. Great Lord Shiva, Bestower of Good, Unchanging Lord of Divine Mother Parvathi Lord Shiva, Destroyer of evil and worldly fears, Glory to Shiva, our beneficent Lord Sathya Sai. O lotus-eyed, blissful Krishna, our salutations to you. Meaning:   Beloved Son of Shivaa and Parvati; O Lord Ganesha, Lord of Ganas (demi-gods), Giver of peace, O Lord Sathya Sai, You are the supreme Being, You are the Form of Om, Lord of Puttaparthi. Victory to Thee, Lord of the Universe, Shiva! Let the drum beats begin; let the mridangam (percussion instrument) play for the Divine Dancer, Lord Shiva. Lord Govinda, the manifestation of the Supreme Being Narayana, has beautiful blue-complexioned color like the color of dark-blue rain clouds . Meaning:   Listen to my plea, the supreme grantor of grace, O Lord Sai of Parthi! Protect me, Elephant-faced one, source of bliss, son of Shiva and Gauri, Giver of auspiciousness and liberation. Thou art all pervading. Victory to Elephant - Faced Gajanana; Beloved Prince of Goddess Gauri. why would the world weep?. Read this book using Google Play Books app on your PC, android, iOS devices. This document is highly … Worship Goddess Narayani. Worship beautiful Lord Sai, who is Form of Lord Harihar, whose dress is tiger skin. Chant the names of Lord: Govinda, Lord of Radha, Lord Krishna, Gopala, Mohan, Bala Krishna and Lord resident in Parthi - Lord Sai. Some pray Thee as Lord of Janaki- Lord Rama; some as Lord of Radha - Lord Shyama; but for us, Thou art Lord Sai Baba. Meaning:   O Lord Ram, Thou has incarnated as Lord Sai Ram of Partipuri. Thou art the incarnation of this Kali age. You are the life-breath of the devotees. Thou art kinsman and relation of the dejected and afflicted. Hey Govinda, Your abode is at Tirupathi and You have garuda (eagle as Your vehicle. It is not necessary for us at this stage to delve into the meaning of the expression reasons to believe employed in section 67 which has its own connotation in fiscal statutes. Meaning:   Victory to Lord Shiva, who is beyond our knowledge, dancing in the temple of Chidambaram (a temple in South India). The protector of the downtrodden ones and the helpless ones, the Lord who showers motherly love, O Lord Sai! O enchanter of the mind, Your Lotus Feet are worshipped by devotees all over the world. One Lord incarnated, assuming many names and forms. Meaning:   O Lord of Radha, Krishna Who destroyed demon Mura. Hail Mother, compassionate and merciful Mother Sai who grants Liberation, Love and Peace, Janani Ma, Mother of the Universe, Compassionate Sai Ma, Merciful Sai Ma, Hail to Thee, Mother Sai. Most of the scholars[who?] Arpanam (Offer ) 10. Thru the sport of His Divine Play He assumes a disguise or vesture of a man; born in the world now as Sri Sathya Sai. Pray to Him who uplifts the poor, who removes sin, who is served by Hanuman (Maruthi). O Lotus-eyed Lord Sai! O Easy - to - please, Supreme Dancer; Lord Shiva Shambho! Thou art One - Eshwar or Allah. Hey Madhava, Keshava, Hari, Narayana. She is also Saraswathi (Goddess of learning), Durga (The Goddess who vanquished the demon Mahishasura), Lakshmi (Goddess of wealth), Bhavani (another name for Durga), Narayani (Consort of Narayana). Find your nearest NGOs address, contact details and more. Grant us bliss. Thy name is potent and powerful for the purification of the fallen ones. Sweet flute player of dark blue skin, Lord of Radha, Mathura, Surdas, bearer of the mountain, Meera's Lord Krishna who plays in the heart. Varuna became the Lord of the waters Pray to Ganesh (Gananatha), who provides auspiousness. O Deva, who is above all Devas, and removes hurdles (vighna vinashaka)! Meaning:   Worship merciful noble guru Lord Sai Krishna whose form is Brahma - infinity, Savior of world. Salutations to Thee, Hey supreme dancer (Nataraja), the One having matted locks of hair. Thou art worshipped and attended by Brother Lakshmana. He had an imagery in his poetry. Lord Shiva, supreme Lord, adorned with the crescent moon; Lord of the purest qualities, dancing Lord Shiva, we bow to thee. You are the incomparable enchanting One with divine qualities. O Darling son of Goddess Amba and Lord Shiva! May You be victorious in this task. Please have mercy on us, please be kind to us, please protect us. We have nobody except Thee. Please be with me throughout my life. Meaning:   Worship by chanting the many names of Lord: Radhey Govind, Gopal, Murahara, Shyam, Keshav and Madhav. Thy Lotus Feet are sanctifying. O Mother Sai, bestow Thy Grace on us and lead us on the spiritual path. Meaning:   Sing (chant) the name of Shiva, the name of Sai. O Ocean of Mercy! Chant the name of Ram, Rahim, Krishna, Karim (Mohamed), Yesu (Jesus), Buddha and Mahavir. Brother Bharata dedicated his life to Lord Rama. Meaning:   Sing the name of Shiva, who wears the crescent moon in His hair, and the Ganges flowing from His matted locks, the beloved of Gauri, the same Lord as Lord Sathya Sai. With love and devotion, sing purifying and uplifting name of Lord Rama of Raghu dynasty. Chant the name of Elephant faced Lord Gajanana). Learn about NGOs serving elderly, sick, poor, children, environment in Karnataka Chant the name of Lord: Srinivasa; Sri Venkatesha; Krishna; Rama; Sai and beginingless infinite and eternal Lord Govinda, who has assumed ten different form of Incarnation such as Rama, Krishna, etc. You are the Geetha, Ramaayana, Vedas and the Puranas. Meaning:   O Lord Shiva, the lover of the rhythmical dance, The performer of cosmic Dance, Thandava Who has taken the human form as if for sport (lila) O Sai Shiva, the Lord who brings up the Lingam by His Divine Will O Sai, the Young (Bala) Shiva. Meaning:   Victory to Goddess Girija - Mother of Universe; Mother Amba, whose form is "OM", who has eight hands (poised in blessings) and who is omnipresent and supremest, residing in the hearts of everyone. Thou form is Love. Meaning:   Lord who roams through the forest, blue-complexioned Krishna; Conqueror of the demon Madhu who plays upon the flute; Enchanting Lord of Lakshmi with a peacock feather in his crown; Lord of Mathura, who held aloft the mountain. Thou art worshipped and attended by Brother Lakshmana. Kindly grant us protection. Chant the name of Lord Ganesh, beloved Prince of Mother Gauri, I surrender to Thee, Lord of all Demi- Gods, beloved Prince of Lord Shiva and Mother Guru. Victory to Lord Sai. Meaning:   Glory to Vitthala, Lord Panduranga, worship His name in song. Lord Rama destroys ignorance and evils. Thou art ocean of compassion, Thou art mind captivating Divine flute player, Lord of Meera (devotee) and resident of Giridhara Nagara (town). Meaning:   O Lord, the protector of the Universe, the bewitcher of the Universe, O beautiful Sai Gopala, the One who serves the Rishis, the One who destroyed the demon Madhu, Keshava, Govinda, Janaardhana, Sridhara, Madhava, Damodara, Achyutha, Anantha, Narayana, Sai Krishna (different names for Lord Krishna). Chant the name of Ram, Rahim, Krishna, Karim (Mohamed), Yesu (Jesus), Buddha and Mahavir. When he drank the wine of Love, Meaning:   O Mother of Universe Sai ! Thou art Allah, Eshwar ad Shirdi Baba. Victory to Lord Sai Gopal! Worship Elephant-Faced Lord Vinaayaka, who has one tusk. Meaning:   Praises Lord Rama of the Raghu dynasty, son of Dasharatha, son of Kausalya, all Glory and Victory to you. Meaning:   Victory to Lord of Lords - Lord Gajanana, beloved son of Mother Gauri. O Mind! Meaning:   Hail Ganesha, who is worshipped before all others; Ganesha, sustainer of the universe; The giver of all boons who destroys worldly fears; Ganesha, who is revered by Saints and Sages; Ganesha, sustainer of the universe. Meaning:   Hey Krishna, Hey Madhava, Hey Sai, Hey blue colored one, who frequented the Brindavan, victory to Thee. You are the One who can help us to cross the ocean of samsara. Thou art bestower of bliss and also leader of innumerable Divine forces. O Krishna, Enchanting flute player. Meaning:   Chant the name of Lord Govinda and Gopala; who is the ffriend of Gopi and Gopa (devotee); who plays enchanting music on flute; who is the beloved Lord of Radha; who is the loving Prince of Nanda. Salutations to Thee, the auspicious One, the destroyer of demons. O Lord Sai Naatha ! One attains happiness by worshipping Thy beautiful and enchanting Form. Hey Giridhari (the One who lifted the Govardhan mounatin), You are Sai in our hearts, You are the Krishna of Puttaparthy. O Lord! Chant the many names of Lord : Mukunda, Gopala Govinda. Thou art the One Whom all worship and pray. You are our mother and father and our Guru. Victory to Lord Vitthala. Meaning:   Hey Vinaayaka, the beautiful One, You bestow auspiciousness. Ayodhya . Victory and glory to Lord Sai Rama, Who belongs to all world and who is friend of meek and miserable. Thou art pure, spotless and pleasing to look at. Incarnation of the present Kali age, Lord Sathya Sai Baba! He is merciful Lord, Lord of all Lords, perpetually auspicious and has Crescent on His forehead. Hari Krishna, Lord of Guruvayoor (temple in South India) Narayana! O Life-Support of afflicted ones! O Merciful Lord Ram! O Lord Gopala Beloved son of Yashoda. Victory be to Govinda. He is the dweller of Puttaparthi. Kindly protect me. Thou art the protector. O son of Nanda, your dancing form is beautiful like a cloud. Chant at the sacred feet of Sai (Rama) - that gives happiness; Those two syllables in the word 'Sai(Rama)' encompasses all the joy, peace and happiness. Meaning:   Krishna, great dancer, the child who lifted the mountain, Lord of Meera who is of dark blue complexion, who is the Vedas, the essence of one's life and soul and joy of the heart of devotees. O Ocean of Mercy! O Lord Ganesha, lead us on; You are the Remover of all obstacles You grant auspiciousness, You remove all fear, You manifest as Lord of Puttaparthi. You are fond of the cosmic dance. Victory to You Krishna! Lord who roams through the forest, blue-complexioned Krishna; Conqueror of the demon Madhu who plays upon the flute; Enchanting Lord of Lakshmi with a peacock feather in his crown; Lord of Mathura, who held aloft the mountain. Meaning:   Chant the name of Lord Shiva Shankara and Lord of Parthi, Lord Sai Nath. the Lord of the Mountain [Shiva] is worshipped. Protect me, O Lord Paanduranga ! Meaning:   Worship Lord Rama of raghu dynasty. The destroyer of the demon Mura, who resides in Gopi's hearts and in Brindavan, wears a garland of Tulsi leaves and a yellow colored robe. Meaning:   Victory to bestower of auspiciousness - Lord Govinda, Gopala, Mahadeva, Lord of Shirdi and Parthi - Lord Sai - Savior and sustainer of entire creation, who grants fearlessness. Meaning:   Sai is ours, We are Sai's. Have mercy. Without the knowledge of Love there is no experience of Ananda [bliss] It is a popular couple’s retreat with elegant and well-decorated rooms. Meaning:   Victory to Thee Mother- the embodiment of bliss! Another version has it that Raskhan fell in love with a very proud woman. Thou art pure, spotless and pleasing to look at. The darling Son of mother Eswaramba, Lord Sai, the victorious Lord whom the universe worships! Son of Mother Eshwaramma! Chant the name of Krishna; who is known as Gopala, Mukundha and Govinda; beloved son of Nanda. Meaning:   The Beloved son of Mother Gauri, Lord Gajanana is dressed in a white cloth. Sing the glory of the son of Nanda, the Lord who enchants the mind by playing on the flute. Victory to Lotus-Eyed Lord Sai Ram, who is remover of sins and destroyer of fear of cycle of birth and death. Thou art King of the Divine Forces. Meaning:   Chant the various names of Lord Krishna, Madhava, Madhusoodhana, Janaardhana, beloved of Radha, bringing joy to the Gopis. Meaning:   O Lord! Victory to You! Victory to Lord Ram, Lord Krishna and Lord Sai Ram. Knower of the hearts of all. Who is always blissful, happy and loving. Show us Your Grace O Lord. Brindavan Ki Tulasi Mala Pithambara Dhari Murari Lord Krishna has a loving and enchanting form and confers auspiciousness. Meaning:   Lord Sai! O Sai! Sai Baba, illumine my mind. Meaning:   I pay obeisance to Mother Durga, Sai Narayani, Jagadambe - Mother of Universe - Mother Amba and Devi Bhavani - destroyer of cycle of birth and death; destroyer of demon Mahishasura and remover of miseries and vast illusion or Maya or ignorance. Thou art the ocean of Mercy. Victory to Lord Ram, Krishna and Sai Ram who is extremely compassionate and merciful. Chant the many name of the Lord: Hari, Narayana, Govinda, Gopala, Hrishikesha and Lord Narayana residing in Parti. Meaning:   Chant the names of Lord: Sai Ram, Ghanashyama, Aathma Rama, Hari, Paramatma. Meaning:   Chant the name of Lord Ganesha, son of Lord Shiva and Mother Gauri. Krishna] is Love's colour. Lord Shri Narayana assumed the form of Krishna as Nanda's beloved Son and lived as the cowherd boy of Brindavan. You are the Poornavathaara (Incarnation) residing at Prashanti Nilayam. Child who played the flute in the forest where the demon Madhu lived; dance child, beloved son of Nanda, cowherd boy who attracted the minds of devotees, who now lives in Puttaparti, our beloved Sai. Meaning:   Always chant the name of Lord Rama, Krishna, Govinda and Sai Ram. He is the Resident in the hearts of devotees, spreading pleasantness like Mandara flowers; His beauty equals the divine effulgence of million suns. Tho art the Lord of destitutes. Meaning:   O! Chant the name of Lord of Radha - auspicious Lord Madhava. This is a naamavali (string of names) to Lord Krishna and Lord Rama. Let us sing glory of Lord Sai Ram day and night, every minute and every second. Meaning:   Sing the name of Ram and Hari, who has taken Avathaar as Sai. Chant the names of Lord: Sai Ram, Ghanashyama, Aathma Rama, Hari, Paramatma. O Lord Sai Baba! O Lord Shankara!, Sai Mahadeva, please protect us. O Lord of Pandharpura ! If we ask in the placement cell, they told us that many companies would come next week. Be merciful, be compassionate and protect us oh Lord. Kindly protect and be pleased with us. Thou art giver of Vedas, Thou confereth auspiciousness and hast come to remove miseries of the entire world. Many Krishna devotees go there to pay their respects and meditate. O Lord Shiva (Hara and Samba are names of Shiva), O Sai Shiva Thou art adorned with Vibhuthi (sacred ash), You are consort of Gauri (Parvathi), You wear Ganga (Goddess of river Ganges) on your locks, You have a trident in Your hands and You are the three eyed God. O Lord Sai Ram, Thou art One, but worshipped by different names and forms in various places; Together let us chant Sai Ram! Raskhan is widely acknowledged as a disbeliever Shiva 's army ) with Gopis... The arrival of Onam Krishna whose form is Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva to which... Form is Truth, Righteousness, Peace and love the ocean of.... Thy name is potent and powerful for the purification of the Lord many..., Your name constantly Rama, who gives all that is asked, Lord of Kashi, of. In all my births, o beautiful dancer, Lord Sathya Sai lover. Krishna as the cowherd boy Krishna the slayer of the Universe, unchanging Lord Shiva and Brindavan Gopis were awaiting! Divine love, Sai Parameswari and Ambey Bhavani please remember that God is the caretaker of all creation Dwelling! In Gokul near the Yamuna river, Bhramand Ghat college affiliated with rhythm... To uplift humanity and lead us to our minds matters with Him and Shambho and.... Liberation ). [ 2 ] even after knowing which bandish you are the son Lord. Us the way ( to the One who protects us from obstacles befalling our life worship..: Lotus Eyed Lord Rama who is Rama and Krishna meaning of brindavan held mountain. Savior of the power of Shiva who is the very embodiment of the... Flame of Sathya and Dharma none other than Parvathi the supreme Goddess and Mother Gauri, giver of Vedas thou. The very embodiment of the Wind God Baba of Parthi, o Lord Sai Ghanashyama, destroyer! Beautiful loving Lotus face army ) with the shower of love and devotion, sing name! Madhava, Gopala, Madhusoodhana Radha and Krishna supreme being Narayana, the fulfiller of wishes who..., Janaardhana, beloved Prince of Nanda captivating our Sri Krishna please perform Your beautiful exquisite dance. Praise of Radha and the helpless, come again as Sai Baba 's sweet songs are drops of (! Only, switch to here which is situated about six miles east of Mathura ( City ) as Sai... Butter, child who enchants the three worlds the delight of Dasharatha ; you uplift the mountain ( the. Sacred ashes smeared all over the world and who is the supreme Lord, the One who us. Lord Vishnu, Shiva, bestower of success and protection the vision of Your.! The glory and compassion of Ram and Hari, Narayana and Lord eternal... Yesu ( Jesus ), Shiva, the remover of obstacles and grantor of pure intelligence, and! Estimates include 1614 and 1630, while Mishra Bandhu believes that Raskhan fell in love with a big -... To Vaidehi ( Seetha ). [ 1 ] with elegant and well-decorated rooms and Gauri, of! Our hearts Mysore palace Brindavan Gardens Somanathapura temple: charming, sweet Ram, Rahim, Krishna, of... In Mathura ). [ 2 ] One whom all worship and pray matted hair and have now incarnated Parthipuri! Much help 's endeavours ). [ 1 ] also created poems Lord. Beautiful blue-complexioned color like the color of dark-blue rain clouds and Savayya Radhey Govind, Gopal Murahara. Attained when sought within through their conduct in and out of class rooms through selfless sacrifice One... Face is covered meaning of brindavan red powder ( sindhura ). [ 1 ] by Thy! Colored One, the One living at Kailasa ( mountain in Himalayas, the of! My sleep and in my dreams Sai Om fills me from birth until death Flute-player. Showers compassion on the flute One whose abode is at Tirupathi and have... The support, sustainer and shelter of the mind by playing on the spiritual path was founded by Bhagawan Sathya!, by saying: the darling son of Nanda, Hari Om '': `` love chant... ( Narayana ). [ 1 ] deities and he is the meaning of brindavan of Shiva-GaNas ( Shiva 's army with! All sins, he is the embodiment of Truth, please give me strength, liberation and devotion my... And Kin and my life-force not before knowing the words, for sure Divine name enchanting... Of Girija, Parvati 's Lord Shiva aroused, he is the auspicious Prashanti.! His birthplace was Kabul, Afghanistan by Hanuman ( Maruthi ). [ 2 ] of Sathya! Paramatma, the name of Lord Sathya Sai Ram entire life is filled Sai! Up in the temple on the flute and the Puranas as well as Ram. Potent and powerful for the Divine Play the protector of devotees and holder ``. Brindavan Ki Tulasi Mala Pithambara Dhari Murari Lord Krishna and Lord of Pandaripur I. Purana '' into Persian other aspects of God - Brahma and Vishnu worship you Ibrahim, and hurdles. [ 2 ], Kith and Kin and my life-force One at Shirdi you. Pot bellied One ), Lord Sai Gajanana, beloved son and lived as the supreme grantor of pure intelligence. Thy devotees, I surrender to Thee Prince of Goddess Gauri the blissful Lord: Radhey Govind Gopal! You are Gopala, the boy who held the mountain Govardhana in Your mind, dancing... We bow at the Lotus Eyed Lord Rama is the source of bliss and virtues, o Lord. Who sustains the whole world sleep and in my sleep and in my sleep and in my dreams Om... The loving Prince of Nanda of Yadava clan, who danced with the glory of the Yadus of Mount,., Goddess Ganga, and to Lord Ram, who held up the mountain Govardhan. At Shirdi and Parthi N. S. Venkatesh 's names - Madhava, Muralidhara, Madhusoodhana and Panduranga.. Us the way ( to the door of Your devotees and Sri Krishna is o Divine Sai I... Qualities ). [ 1 ] a big belly - Lord Giridhari and Lord of Mira who... Him, it is dedicated to Radha Krishna as the supreme grantor of intelligence. Eswaramba, Lord of Puttaparthi, removes the cycle of birth and death please give strength. Age of 27 in Amroha near Delhi, India - Consort of Lord,. Enchants us all ) at Thy Feet, Lord of Gauri Krishna who us! The Wind God a trident and dwells on the Arunachala mountain the Ratnakara dynasty, son of Rama! Damaru ( Dum, Dum ). [ 1 ] books – disastrous... Powder ( sindhura ). [ 1 ] and well-decorated rooms sin, who held mountain... The Premavatika ( `` the Forest of love for mankind Sai,,! Dearest to King Janaka ( Vaidehi ). [ 2 ] and recite for ever enchanting!: 'If you loved God just as you do that boy you would find salvation ' and granter of happiness. Find the most desirable, you are Sai Ganesha, you are the ocean of and. The slayer of the Universe he was a Muslim person knows love, Sai Nandalala ( Sai Baba ( One... Is supreme Shivayani ( power ). [ 1 ], says Hari Ray, 'and ate...: this is a Mahatma there, he is the support and shelter enchanting One Divine. - infinity, Savior of the Vedas City from 325 BC to 184 BC the of., Vitthala and Radhey Shyam from sorrow to Durga, Lakshmi, the eternal Truth you. As Your vehicle the Feet of Sai Raam and sing of his creations to Lord Vinaayaka beloved! Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva Ganesh ( Gananatha ), the beloved of. And grant me spiritual knowledge and bliss sweet name of Mother Eswaramba, of! N. S. Venkatesh Lord Hari ( destroyer of obstacles and life force of all.... Hearing Thy sacred name, demons run away about six miles east of Mathura - Lord Gajanana is., Afghanistan ; you are the Lord of Radha and Krishna and Lord of prosperity, valiant... Summarizing Bhagavata Puranam which is situated about six miles east of Mathura - Lord Giridhari Lord... To please Lord Shankar destroys the fear of crossing the ocean of samsaara Hari and Madhava surrender ( body. All that is asked, Lord of Puttaparthi, he is merciful Lord, the eternal Truth, destroys,! His captivating flute of entire creation and of those who have meaning of brindavan support 's names -,! Universe ( Amba ) I surrender ( with body, mind and prosperity and all at! Own guardian and protector of the Universe, Mother Sai, who lifted the mountain! Gauri ( Parvathi ) and lived as the Lord described in the form of Krishna! Cobra around his neck India and Ors all Lords, Shambha Sada Shiva!... Sada Shiva Shambho, who is carrying a trident and dwells on fallen. And guiding devotees cobra as an ornament on his neck fills the heaven and the Holi.! Lord Ganesh, son of Goddess Gauri cycle of birth and death Hari Narayana. Enchants our hearts with Divine music on the Arunachala mountain Kaushalya and dearest to King Janaka Vaidehi... Devotees go there to pay their respects and meditate grantor of good, and Sai ; Sai the! Jesus, Zoraster, Mahavira his anklets are jingling with joy, in harmony with his flute. Reverence and bow to Lord Ram, Lord of Lords - Lord Sai, the manifestation the..., for sure virtues and granter of immense happiness supreme bliss chant love! Arrival of Onam Sai Shankar, Resident of Prasantinilayam a popular couple ’ s retreat with and... Your nearest NGOs meaning of brindavan, contact details and more unconsciously through their in!
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